TN8K Expedition Infopage
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Livestream Visitors Pocitadlo Actual info below image box
12.01.202318:41Generator is repaired. QO-100 operation on human modes started.
12.1.202304:00Generator is broken, we are waitong for the repair.
11.1.202318:00JA beverage prolonged to 250m, 150m beverage to VK/ZL has been build.
10.1.202317:26All antennas are up. First 6m QSOs in the log and FT8 on QO-100 as well. We are waiting for the dish.
8.1.202318:26Last suitcase is in Congo. We are waiting fort the delivery. Beverages work well, but we have still lot of noise from lightning and thunderstorms.
8.1.202318:26Beverage to JA and USA are ready. We have sometimes problems with Internet connection.
8.1.202301:53Firts beverage to the EU is build. More than 300CW 160m qso in log. One suitcase is still missing.
7.1.202316:08Big thunderstrom comes. We are QRT now.
6.1.202317:44The team arrived well. 160m,80m,40m verticals and two spiderbeams are ready.